HEISE Survey

Do you know what Societal Impact is about? Most probably you, as well as all of us, have our own interpretation of the term.

Our survey is being carried out in Estonia, Finland, and Spain, and serves three main aims 

• to learn how organizations of higher education, arts, and culture understand societal impact;
• to learn whether and how organizations study their own societal impact; and
• to learn about the role of societal impact as a criterion in the managerial decision-making process.

There are no right or wrong answers to our questions – we were interested in finding out opinions on this rather controversial issue. The survey was anonymous. However, all  respondents were warmly welcome to attend a Multiplier event of Societal Engagement and Societal Impact on 4th of April 2019.

It took approximately 15 minutes to fill in the survey. It allowed us to better understand the role, importance, and the current practices of evaluation of societal impact at the organizational level, thus help us all to improve the way we plan and measure it. Processed results of the survey were used in the HEISE Roadmap for HEIs adn Teachers’s Toolkit, which is intended for promotion of societal-centristic thinking and helping organizations to understand, study, and plan their approach to societal impact.

Please feel free to contact us if you require more information about the survey or about the HEISE project: marge.sassi@ebs.ee

The survey was available via the following LINK.

The Excecutive Summary of the survey can be found here