Anna Ranczakowska-Ljutjuk

Project assistant/ Content

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Anna is a graduate of the Cultural Management, Religion Philosophy and Tourism and

Recreation Management programmes. Actively participates in the academic

and administrative development of the Cultural Management MA program in

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, being the coordinator of the

programme at the same time. Anna works as a project assistant in MAPSI.


In addition to her work, Anna serves as a project manager in variety of

cultural projects in Estonia and Poland, being actively committed to the

development of societal engagement of several cultural organizations in

Estonia in the same time. Ranczakowska-Ljutjuk has defended an A-level

master thesis on the topic: “Build upon values. The ethnographic study

of relationships between place and people”. She continues her research

on the multidimensional relationships between arts and society,

transformation of art’s engagement and culture as an innovative

approach to resolving societal crises from the action philosophical