Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Ratatie 22, 01300, Vantaa, Finland

Laurea produces new competences in the field of service innovations and carries out professionally orientated education, regional development and R&D activities by following the Learning by Developing (LbD) operational model. Laurea employs approximately 500 personnel and has app. 8 000 students, of which app. 1 200 study in the adult education programmes. Laurea operates in the Greater Helsinki Region in seven units close to good transport connections.
Laurea was awarded a Centre of Excellence status for the fifth time in the Centre of Excellence 2010-2012 competition for universities of applied sciences by the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council. The theme was Student-centred R&D Integrated in Learning which is based on the LbD model. Laurea is the most awarded university of applied sciences measured by quality and centre of excellence appointments in Finland. Laurea is the third largest UAS in Finland.

The home base for the MAPSI project is Laurea Tikkurila Campus at Vantaa. The campus offers Bachelor Programmes in Nursing and Social Services, Business Administration, Beauty Care, and Correctional Services, and Master Programmes in Nursing and Social Services. The Creative Activities Track in the Social Services Program is unique in Finland, and it has been very popular among the students for 15 years. The Programme involves a social pedagogy and applied art based approach to work. Creative activities can be used to reinforce the resources of individuals and whole communities. During their 3,5 years of studying student are engaged with different kinds of LbD projects with public, private, and third sector organisations, and groups of people. Creative methods (drama, music, physical education & dance, visual arts) are utilized by the students for enabling dialogue with clients, concretely specifying phenomena to be developed in collaboration with clients, and making the phenomena visible.

Anne Äyväri
Anne Karkkunen
Anne Rajamäki
Heini Toivonen
Ira Stiller
Tiina Pusa