Kaari-Kiitsak Prikk

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Kaari Kiitsak-Prikk has graduated the Cultural Management MA programme of EAMT. Kaari has been coordinating and developing the cultural management curricula in 2006-2010. Since then she has been developing cultural entrepreneurship module for music students, international career and entrepreneurship web-platform for arts students and integrating as well as sustaining it in the EAMT. Currently, Kaari is a lecturer of subjects “Introduction to Cultural Legislation” ,“Individual Career Planning” and leader of practical workshops in EAMT; also providing career counselling for students. Kaari is a full-time PhD student in Estonian Business School and her research focuses on how the change of legal status affects the organizations practices, aims and values with a specific emphasis on its role in society. Also, she is interested in the research and practice of entrepreneurial training in higher arts education. She has been participating ENCATC network conferences and seminars for several years and Young Cultural Policy Researcher Forum. She is a member of Curricula Advisory Board of CM programme in EAMT and a member of Society of Estonian Career Counsellors.
For MAPSI project Kaari is involved on the part of EAMT in the content work (WP2), Quality Assurance (WP3) and Sustainability (WP5). In free time, Kaari is involved in the small family enterprise providing motocross training for deprived kids.


Research and Publications:

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