About project

In HEISE we approach the phenomena of societal impact from various perspectives, entrepreneurial, management, social sciences and policy and focus on artistic, art based and qualitative methods. Entrepreneurship is seen as a tool for integration for example for immigrants, as statistics show that they seem to become entrepreneurs more often than the local inhabitants – either by choice or non-choice. The societal engagement is multifaceted and thus needs to be looked from various perspectives.


Higher education institutions (HEIs) play a key role in educating young people to understand the underlying values in societies and cultures, which create crucial abilities to foster social integration. To succeed in this, the teachers and students of HEIs need novel ways to increase intercultural understanding and social inclusion. Hence, in the project we aim to create a comprehensive educational model grounded in experiential and challenge based learning to increase the higher education institutions’ societal engagement (HEISE).


The objectives of the HEISE project are to engage the local challenge owners and the HEI students into the joint teams and to apply various arts based methods to make the different views visible in the challenge solving processes. From the methodological point of view the HEISE project will be carried out through a systematic process that begins with an investigation of the existing participatory learning methods. Based on the results of this investigation, a challenge based learning model will be developed and tested within a course module called “Challenge based societal engagement”.


The new course module will be evaluated with an action research method, which will contribute to the further development of the challenge based learning model for societal engagement of HEIs.

PROJECT PERIOD: 01.09.2016−31.08.2019
PROJECT FUNDER: Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for higher education