Teachers’ toolkit


The toolkit for teacher will take a form of a e-publication and will be situated in a virtual
It will consist of different pedagogical and methodological tools, focusing especially to the art based methods. Each approach and tool will include an explanation of what they are, how to work with them and suggestions on in what kinds of situations they can be used. It will also contain advice on their benefits and shortcomings. There will also be examples describing some usages of the tools.

The examples may be in the form of cases, videos or for example learning games. The e-publication will contain visualizations on possible processes and on tools.

The teachers’ tool will be starting point to develop the model for HEIS for societal engagement. The HEis model will take a form of virtual process model, describing how the challenge solving model can be integrated to the overall societal impact model of HEIs and in what kinds of pre and after requisites is needed from HEIS management. The impact assessment model will be integrated with the societal engagement model.

The model will include examples and visualizations. The model will come with explanations on how to build up the societal engagement model based on challenge solving as well as how to maintain it. It will provide ways to calculate the resources needed in management as well as educational setting.

Stay tuned – more coming soon!
For now, a little sneak peak on the HEISE model!