HEISE Impact measuring and managing

Higher Education Institution for Societal Engagement (HEISE)
Level of Competence and Current Practices in Measurement of Societal Impact

See the Executive Summary of the Stakeholders’ survey  here

The survey was planned to be a part of AO2/A1 Evaluating the engagement models.

HEISE project plan AO2/A1 outlined the following: „The current level of competence of the organizations in societal impact is mapped. A comparative quantitative study is conducted in participating countries focusing on the differences and similarities of universities, art organizations, companies, cities in their
evaluation capabilities. HEI’s stakeholders such as citizens, cities, art organizations and business are
involved in creating a holistic picture of assessing the societal impact.“

The main aims of the  survey were:
– Clarification of stakeholders’ perceptions and understandings of the concept of societal
impact; identification of shortcomings and variations in interpretation of the concept of
societal impact;
– Mapping of stakeholders’ current practices in evaluation of societal impact – de facto
measurement of societal impact, the methods applied and indicators used in ex ante as well
as ex post evaluation; outlining of pros and cons associated with indicators and methods
used for measurement of societal impact.