We-house at Kerava – Supporting wellbeing of families. Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

We-house (Me-talo in Finnish) is open for all the residents in Kerava and its neighboring areas. We-house offers a place for participation, inspiration, excitement; it brings joy to our everyday life and enhances opportunities to become employed. All the activities and functions that rise from the wishes and needs of local residents are planned and carried out together with the local service providers, organizations and companies.

The main aim of the We-house is to increase and promote wellbeing of the families and to provide them support via participation, discussions with peers, and volunteering. We-house provides open activities, decreases loneliness and brings different forms of support under the same roof. We-house also strengthens co-operation between the city of Kerava, organisations and parishes, as well as increases volunteer activities in the area. 

Together with the We-house coordinators, Laurea students offered arts-based activities for everyone to support the feelings of participation and to bring inspiration and joy to everyday life of Kerava residents.