Aalto University

Otakaari 1, 02150, Espoo, Finland

Aalto University resulted from merger of Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki University of Technology and the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2010. 2015, Aalto had 16 000 students and a total staff of 4800 (380 professors). The total income of the University in 2014 was 388 MEUR, with a competitive research funding of 47,6 MEUR.


Aalto University is organized in 6 Schools: School of Business, School of Arts, Design and Architecture (ARTS), School of Engineering, School of Chemical Technology, School of Science and School of Electrical Engineering.

At Aalto ARTS theory meets practice, we focus on learning through practical assignments and projects. Students create human centred environments for living, wellbeing, learning and working. Our focus in research is in design, digital media, audiovisual communication, art, visual culture, architectural solutions of wellbeing and community and city planning.

Aalto ARTS coordinates CUMULUS association, a global organization of HEIs operating in its fields. Aalto ARTS has extensive experience participating in European projects, we do Erasmus+ and Creative Europe projects to improve our education and reach wider audiences for the activities we are carrying out. To manage projects, we have dedicated financial staff, legal counsel for both contractual and IPR matter and administrative support tailored to the project. Our Quality management system is reviewed by FINHEEC every sixth year, the latest audit has been in January 2016.