Estonian Business School

Lauteri 3, 10114, Tallinn, Estonia

EBS holds a leading position in the field of management research in Estonia and represents Estonia in several international(management) research groups. As the mission of Estonian Business School (EBS) is to create and transfer new management knowledge and provide enterprising people with skills and values for its successful implementation.

One of the top priorities of EBS is continuous curriculum development meeting the requirements of the labour market. As a result EBS offers various courses focusing on effective management and leadership skills to its´ students and to wider audience. MBA program offered in Tallinn has major in leadership and EBS master program in Helsinki has major in change and leadership. EBS has always developed high quality academic partnerships and participates actively in international programmes like ERASMUS and Nordplus. In 2011 EBS organised EURAM conference and will organize EGOS conference in 2018.
EBS’ main academic concentration is Organizational development in an institutional context. The sub-topics for research are:

1. Development of Organisations and Management of Change
2. Innovative Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Transfer in International Networks
3. Development of Public Administration Organizations and their Legal Framework. Application of Experience in New Democracies
4. Institutional Economics
5. Social Responsibility and Ethical Values of Organizations
6. Intelligent IT Systems in Public and Private Organizations

The research undertaken aims to contribute to the development of business, defence and public organizations, and the application of such theoretical knowledge of Estonia in countries which are creating a democratic society.

In HEISE project, Estonian Business School is represented by:
Alar Klein
Marge Sassi