Winter Academy

At HEISE Academy lectures, presentations, case studies, visits to cultural institutions, group works and discussions students learned about cultural, social and economic impacts of cultural projects and institutions and how to manage them. HEISE Academy involved three kinds of assignments in addition to the active participation in all classes:

1. Reading of lecture materials beforehand.
2. Intenseworkwith a practical case that relates to different aspects of managing art projects with societal impact. The case analyses were done in groups and each group is worked on one case. Case analysis included a final presentation and a written academic report.
3. An individual learning diary, which was sent to the instructors after the winter school.

HEISE Winter Academy

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Challenge Solving Course Pilot I – Laurea University

Spring 2017

19 social services bachelor students from Laurea UAS took part in a HEISE pilot project in Keski-Uudenmaan Sopimuskoti ry –association as a part of their Creativity and functionality in customer work -course. Sopimuskoti provides mental health services for mental health rehabilitees. Association was originally founded by family members of mental health rehabilitees in the 1980’s. Currently it employs 15 professionals from social and health care field and their services reach approximately 100 rehabilitees weekly.

Sopimuskoti and Laurea agreed the aims and goals for the pilot project together. Arts related methods were seen as a tool to strengthen the interaction skills of the rehabilitees. Students planned and carried out 6 workshops: drama, visual arts, music, creative writing and two workshops on physical exercise. Each workshop consisted of 4-5 sessions that took place in April-May 2017. Workshops were attended by 50 rehabilitees.

As an outcome workshops created positive impact. Rehabilitees were able to express their thoughts and feelings through creative activities. They supported and encouraged each other to take part and try out new things. Doing things together with the students created joy and strengthened the feeling of belonging not just to the surrounding community, but to the society as whole.

Using arts related methods can strengthen the sense of belonging not only on an individual level, but on the society’s level.