Annukka Jyrämä

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Professor, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Cultural Management Masters Programme.
Development Manager, docent, Aalto University School of Business

Dr. Jyrämä’s current research interests include knowledge creation processes and the role of mediators from institutional and network theory perspectives. In MAPSI she is responsible for the academic quality and interested both in academic developments as well as practice in the field of integrating management skills to the projects of art with societal impact. She has conducted studies in such contexts as cultural, city and business and has extensive experience from the field of arts management research and education. Annukka’s arts management research has focused mainly on arts marketing as well as her teaching, which includes arts marketing, marketing management, services marketing lectures, but also research seminars. Her current projects include co-creating the city brand through institutions and organizations as well as innovativeness and knowledge sharing within the city of Helsinki and studying the image and brand development of Helsinki Music Center. She holds the positions of trust in the Advisory board for Foundation for Cultural Policy Research, Creative Finland and Network for Urban Studies, supervising boards and many others. Her research has been published in several journals, e.g. in the International Journal of Arts Management, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, and Management Learning.



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Recent refereed conference papers

2014 Jyrämä, A. & Kajalo, S., “City Branding: Introducing a New Theoretical Framework with Social Responsibility of the City and Contribution of the City to the Metropolitan Area,” 2nd International Conference on Marketing, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 25-26 February, 2014.

2013 Jyrämä, A. & Kajalo, S., ”Building a Strong Brand for an Arts Organization: the Role of Contribution to Local Communities and Social Responsibility,” 39th Annual Social Theory, Politics and the Arts Conference, Seattle, USA October 24-26, 2013.

2013 Jyrämä, A. Kajalo, S., Johansson, T. and Mäkinen A. Brand Image of Merging Brands: An Empirical Analysis of the Merge of Two orchestras and a Music University, 12th International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management, June 26-29, 2013, Universidad de los Andes at Bogotá, Colombia

2013 Hänninen, H. and Jyrämä, A Management of value co-creation in public service networks – case city of Helsinki, 4th Forum of Services 18-21 June 2013, Italy proceedings