Anne Eskelinen


Anne Eskelinen (MMus) works as a Senior Lecturer specialized in Music, Music therapy and project work. Eskelinen’s expertise relevant for the HEISE project include 1) special knowledge on creative activities and encountering with challenged clients in social care, 2) expertise in

working in multi-professional and multi-stakeholder projects following the principles of the Learning by Developing model.


Recent publications:

  • Eskelinen, A. and Saarikivi, C. 2015. Multiprofessional collaboration in project work. In INTED 2015 Proceedings. 2015. 9thinternational technology, education and development conference. IATED. Madrid. Spain.
  • Saarikivi, C.; Eskelinen, A. and Bergman, M. 2015. Students’ experiences of multi-professional collaboration in a mental health and substance abuse development project. In ICERI 2015 Proceedings. 2015. 8th international conference of education, research and innovation. IATED. Seville.Spain.
  • Karppi, M.; Tuominen, H.; Eskelinen, A.; Santamäki Fischer, R. and Rasu, A. (eds.). 2013. Active ageing online. Interactive Distance Services for the Elderly on Baltic Islands. VIRTU Project 2010-2013. Reports from Turku University of Applied Sciences 155. Turku. Available at